Here are a few Backcountry runs


5 Passes from Onion Valley - This run starts at Onion Valley and continues over Kearsage Pass.  Then travels west to the John Muir Trail.  From JMT head south to the turnoff to the unsigned Golden Bear Lake.  From there follow lakes and rock cairns to Junction pass (Class 2).  Once over Junction Pass you are in the Shepherd’s Pass drainage.  Proceed down scree fields to the Pothole and then to the Shepherd’s Pass Trail.  Go over Shepherd’s Pass.  Continue south west to the JMT at Tyndall Creek or cross country to meet the trail going north to Forrester Pass.  Once over Forrester Pass continue north (green line now) to the junction you took earlier to Golden Bear Lake.  Retrace your steps back to Kearsage Pass and Onion valley.

According to Jeff in Bishop from Sage and Summit this is about 42 miles and 12,000 feet of elevation gain.  It sure felt longer...

8/18/2012 - Did this run with Jonathan Stewart and Mark Hartel.  Took about 18 hours.  Had some rain and low moments but w all pushed on.. Spectacular scenery:

    Maps (click on the map for a high res PDF suitable for printing)