Between a Rock and a H’ard Place

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hard place, wet place, cold place, dark place, tired place........ you fill in the blank.

This page center's around one key word. The word that can bring your adrenaline up in a heartbeat. The word that propels you to speeds only Peregrine Falcons dream of, the word that keeps you from being a human satellite. GRAVITY! So much of my outdoor energy is devoted to harnessing it, controlling it, cursing it and loving it.

When was the last time GRAVITY got a hold of you and took you for a ride? Who was in control? What was the outcome? Did you walk away from it or limp? You will find some stories, some advice and a few "words of wisdom" about my friend GRAVITY.

What makes me tick?

  1. Running / Biking down a single track weaving through the trees

  2. Firing a hard move 30 feet out on a climb

  3. Going anaerobic on a long haul up a fire road on my Mountain Bike

  4. Glissading down the slopes of Mount Rainier after a long day of climbing

  5. Pushing the last 10 miles of a 100 mile running race

These are the things that "recharge my batteries". So to that end let me share with you some of my adventures, some were successes, some were not, but I would not call them failures, only an education, a life experience, something that tests my physical and mental abilities.

I would like to thank my family for their support, and my friends for the same along with their competitiveness and humor. These are guys you can trust your life to. You know who you are. Anyway enough of the mushy stuff on with the adventures.

More recent pictures are on Picasa here

Also many pictures are on my Facebook page and Instagram.

--Climbing/Hiking Stories

Charlotte Dome

Sun Ribbon Arete  

Mount Humphreys

Joshua Tree Weekend

The Woop Woop Sound---

Mountains & Crags I Have Climbed  

Mount Rainier Trip photos

Mount Morgan(view from)

Mt. Whitney / Russell '98

Mt.. Russell '99

Middle Palisade '01

Starlight Peak August '04 video;

Nepal October '05

--Biking Stories

Moab, Utah

Southern Colorado 1997

First Road Bike Race - EverestChallenge 2008


Tubing with a Diamondback

Snake Pictures

Wildlife Encounters--


Libyan Challenge (original USA site)  Pictures, music videos from the race

Boney Mountain Trail

Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail

Ultra Running Races  ----- Ultrasignup history has fewer events

Cambria Running

Gobi March - China  Stage 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

Atacama Crossing - Chile

Backcountry Runs

--Our Dogs

  1. Our Dog Tasha, Anouk may they rest in peace and our newest dog Blaze

--Words of Wisdom

Most of these little sayings are things that get blurted out during some of my outdoor activities. The origin for most of these are from my climbing adventures, but all have their applications in other activities like mountain biking or hiking. I have used a number of these at work and they have been entertaining for some.

  1. "Motivate to Operate"

  2. "Fire or Retire"

  3. "Blow or Go"

  4. "One mistake... big pancake"

  5. "Severe penalty for early withdrawal"

  6. "Make it happen, don't just watch it happen"

  7. "Go Big or Go Home"

--Links - Here are some the places I have found of interest.

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